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Supplier of high quality Hydraulic cylinders
and Control components.

Stationary hydraulics

Differential cylinder – for high quality requirements in mechanical engineering

Mobil hydraulics

Support cylinder – for mobile use

Lightweight cylinder

Differential cylinder – when every gram counts.


All about cylinders
Outrigger cylinder, block cylinder, dosing cylinder, counterweight cylinder, gripper cylinder, lifting cylinder, folding cylinder, steering cylinder, dozer blade cylinder, press cylinder, locking cylinder, luffing cylinder, cylinder with position measuring system

Andreas Weiherich
– Geschäftsführung

We create movement

Much of it! We do hydraulics. We make it easier and better, with German engineering, in an international team.


Strong with the force you are p= F/A

We built the first big aluminum hydraulic cylinder. More weight reserve for engine and crane!

Precision for a variety of applications

  • Hydraulics for crane construction
  • Hydraulics for vehicle construction
  • Hydraulics for mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulics for special tasks
  • Hydraulics for conveying, lifting and transport technology